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LK-Master Recruitment Notice

Now there are large number of players join in Legend Knight world every day, we Legend Knight team decide to recruit some LK-Master who will be responsible for helping the growth of every players. There are generous rewards intended for all the qualified LK-Master, we are sure your sincere efforts deserve them.

①What is a LK-Master?
LK-Master is a role mainly responsible for helping players with their problems during the game. The details are as follows:
1. Helping with problem solving passionately in the gaming system, including world, region, private chat and friends interfaces.
2. Helping beginners grasp the operation and rules of the game.
3. Spreading official events and announcements to the players.
4. Reporting any gaming deception and harassment and activating the server atmosphere.
5. Cooperating with official Legend Knight team in dealing with gaming bug, suggestions and complains by sending player feedback in time.

②Working time
Long (From the server open to the server close) the specific time is based on official announcements. Every LK-Master should at least be on-line 4 hours per day.

Every qualified LK-Master will have a basic salary of 1000 Balens per month, which will be send by mail within 3 days after every terms of service. Legend Knight team will select both qualified and outstanding LK-Master according to their online time, guidance quality, players feedback on forum or other channels, and the GM inspection. There are extra rewards exclusive to outstanding LK-Master.

④Note and attention
Some punishments are formulated for XX who break the rules such as follows:
1. Continuous offline more than 48 hours without any exceptional case.
2. LK-Master who were found neglecting their own duties by GM.
3. LK-Master who were complained by players
4. LK-Master who were complained by players in the forum, with screenshots as evidences.
5. LK-Master who were found sharing his or her accts or have secret illegal trades with others during their work will be strictly punished even have their accts terminated.
6. LK-Master who were found not cooperating with official by issuing passive or offensive remarks in the forum or gaming system will be removed Magister title, even have their acct terminated.
7. Legend Knight team will take some randomly inspection to the on-line magister, this is important for the selection of qualified and outstanding magister, please take the guidance work serious.
As for above condition, we have the authority to removed some rewards such as balens or even the LK-Master titles.

⑤LK-Master requirement
1. Be familiar to Legend Knight rules and operation, knowing all possible problems beginners may encountered with.
2. Love Legend Knight and have patience and passion in guiding beginners.
3. Having enough time on-line (no less than 4 hours). Every LK-Master should be online continually to help beginners.
5. being able to throw themselves into work in the first time after new server open.
6. With strong responsibility and active working attitude, having respect to the role of LK-Master.

⑥Recruitment duration:
From now to full complement

⑦Application approach:
Reply on specified Threads or send us a ticket with a correct format as below (incorrect application format will not pass)

Correct format:

Title: I want to be a LK-Master
Time of joining Legend Knight:
On line time per day:
Gaming experience:
Advantages to be a LK-Master:
Character name:

For players who passed the LK-Master audits we will reply by mail and contact with them using Skype acct. Every LK-Master should keep your Skype on-line during their working time in convenience of contacting to each other. Those who lose contact with us during the working time will be removed LK-Master title regarded as auto waiver.
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what if the player doesn't have Skype. Is he/she still can apply to be LK-Master?
And to which character does the reward (balen) will be sent?


Did sent out a request for GoddessEve on S18 waiting for reply thru Skype or mail !


played the game..and its pretty outstanding ^^ gotta try myself an experience as an LK's on this new game HAHA. req sent for Atheria on S20. updating my new skype today.


I have sent my application too, Jet on S19, kindly check.


Cant be all LK master.This position deserve some man/woman who Is care about all players not just vip members,and they must be good with all people and not making truble with others people in chat.We have some people who dont deserve that position.They dont answer on quastion,and when times come that send you answer than send you so stupid quastion that I dont know If I talk with 12 years kid or what.I mean,WTF...They just want that free ballens...and this Is not right...


Reply 6# Virus

    thanks for your suggestion.If you have some questions for games, you can post on the forum. We will reply to you immediately.


Is still available ^_^ i want to apply to Be LK master too hehe!1


Please only no GoddessEve, she or he never talking, never help me , but I and my friends asked many times. Only for balens, very disappointing...


Cant be all LK master.This position deserve some man/woman who Is care about all players not just vi ...
Virus Posted on 2015-1-27 02:02

Virus has a lot of good points here.
And to add to this you really need to sort out Admin on forum as this is at an unacceptable level. The forums could be so much more active and a lot of help to newer players but the staff admin lack the support of the players.

Time of joining Legend Knight: When Server 31 opened
On line time per day: 6 to 12 hours
Gaming experience: Path of Exile Beta Tester. Path of Exile Garena Game Master. LOTRO. Grim Dawn Beta Tester. Legend of Mir Game Master.
Advantages to be a LK-Master: To be able to help others within forums and game and hopefully offer a better gaming experience. Provide a greater level of English language support and bring more understanding. Be active in Game and on Forum as currently Legend Knight sees little activity within forum's or any activity of G M within game.
Character name: Stretch163
Server: 31
Skype: Not Disclose on open Forum
Mail: Not Disclose on open Forum


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