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He also urged Serie A to be m

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MILAN, Oct. 15 (Xinhua) -- Inter President Erick Thohir has warned Serie A to avoid another Calciopolic which could ruin the Italian top-flight football league.

Thohir, when speaking to CNN, reckoned that Serie A could be further dragged down the ranking by another Calciopoli, which refers to the scandal in 2006 that saw Juventus demoted to Serie B, while other clubs such as Milan Cheap Chicago Bears Hats , Fiorentina and Lazio were also penalized.

"I tell a lot of my contacts in Italian football that if we do another Calciopoli, it will be the death of Serie A. We wouldn't be number two, three or four, we'd be number nine," he said.

He also urged Serie A to be more friendly to "globalisation". "Look at Major League Soccer, a lot of foreign investors are in the US because the way the industry is structured is very transparent and for investors it is secure. They understand before coming to the game what to expect Cheap Chicago Bears T-Shirts ," he said.

"Serie A is not easy, I am lucky, but I think it's a challenge for everyone in football in Italy to be more transparent and open," he added.

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